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Use the Provider Portal to look up your facility in order to access the Eligibility Form or to check the status of your facility within the AB 2370 assistance program process.

To look up your facility in our database, please enter the CDSS-assigned Facility Number and county in the entry fields below and click the ‘Look up my Facility’ button. Once the facility has been identified, if the grant assistance Eligibility Form has not yet been submitted for the facility, you will be prompted to fill out the form. If the Eligibility Form has already been submitted, enter the email used on the Eligibility Form to view the facility status within the assistance program along with any pending actions.

Please note: we directly employ samplers to provide free sampling services--we are not authorized to provide reimbursement for the cost of samplers hired by centers.

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Confirm email (used on the Information Verification or Eligibility Form) to view facility status
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