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If you require assistance, please contact your CDSS Regional Office.

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Welcome to the homepage of the California State Water Resources Control Board's Lead in Drinking Water Testing Assistance Program for Child Care Centers (CCCs). The Assistance Program is funded by the State of California to help licensed child care providers meet the new requirements for lead in drinking water as set out in Assembly Bill 2370 (AB 2370).

Free sampling and consultation services are provided to approved applicants directly by the Assistance Team, led by the Office of Water Programs (OWP) at California State University, Sacramento (Sacramento State). (Please note that all covered services must be done through the program, and the program is not authorized to reimburse private/outside sampling.)

This website will help guide CCC providers through the assistance program process. Sampling services are only available to high-priority CCCs (see Program Overview). Consultation support is available to all CCCs to assist with drafting plans of correction for cases where lead results exceed the Action Level.

To apply for sampling services or to register for consultation services, use the Provider Portal to complete the Eligibility Form for your facility. You can return to the Provider Portal to track your sampling status. Notes from consultation services will be emailed to you directly.

Reimbursement for replaced fixtures will be provided if there is an Action Level exceedance as determined by our sampling team—additional conditions will be explained for those CCC providers that had an Action Level Exceedance.

* Funding for this project has been provided in full or in part through an agreement with the State Water Resources Control Board and the California Department of Social Services. The contents of this document do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the foregoing, nor does mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.